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GstarCAD License transfer from old to new PC

What is the process for transferring a GstarCAD license from an old to a new computer? 

Requirement: Softkey license (Standalone Type)

Important Note:
Always return the license first prior to formatting of the PC. 

Scenario 1: Computer is still functioning (Online Return)

If you want to transfer your license from one PC to another, you can easily do so by returning and activating the license key. 

At the old computer, which has the GstarCAD license activated.

Step 1: Open GstarCAD Software
Step 2: At the top ribbon, click on Help tab > Register icon.
Step 3: Click on Return license (R) button.
Step 4: Choose Online Return(O) > Click on the License key.
Step 5: Click on Return button.

License Return successful. 

You can now activate your license key in another PC.

You can refer to the view here for step by step guide to activate and return the license. 

If your hardware is no longer functioning, you are required to reset the license file in order to activate it on the new computer.

Please take note that you are only eligible to reset your license 3 times per year in order to limit the irregularity of the license usage. 

Do send us an email to (or) by indicating that your license has to be reset and please provide your license serial number in order to facilitate the issue. 

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