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GstarCAD 2023 Beta version is released!

We're glad to announce that GstarCAD 2023 BETA version is now available. The new release comes with new features and tools to boost efficienty and gives users an optimal drawing experience.

Enhancements - Improved drawing & editing experience

GstarCAD 2023 offers better performance in terms of compatibility, user experience and speed.

Greater compatibility

1. Greater compatibility with ObjectARX APIs

GstarCAD 2023 GRX is compatible with AutoCAD ObjectARx APIs, programs can be successfully compiled, loaded and used without touching the code, saving your time and trouble in migrating applications develop with AutoCAD ObjectARX.

2. More AutoCAD compatible

GstarCAD 2023 has added AI_EDITCUSTFILE command to help users better add and edit command aliases in the popped up Program Parameters (PGP) file. 


Enhanced Import & Export

1. Improved DWF Import:

Users can not only import DWF files, but also edit them after using EXPLODE or BURST to explode them.


2. GstarCAD now supports SVG import & export

The SVG graphics are imported as a block that is editable after explosion or in Block Editor. Almost all kinds of objects in a drawing can be exported to a SVG file, and the exported SVG files are compatible with third-party tools and are displayed with accuracy.


There is more to explore

GstarCAD 2023 also provides improved block editor, CUI editor, REVCLOUD command, as well as display of Palettes, improving user experience and help you get things done in time.


New features - take your design to the next level

*Small tools, big difference

1. New Navigation tool

The NaviCube is a navigation tool displayed as a clickable and draggable interface in 2D model space or 3D. Users can easily switch between standard and isometric views. Users can switch to one of the available present views by clicking or dragging the NaviCube, roll the current view, or change to the Home view of the model. 


2. Monitor your system variables

Dealing with system variables properly can maximize your efficiency, now GstarCAD 2023 has a new tool to monitor as list of system variables and sends notifications when there are changes. 


*Protect and sign your drawings

1. Guard your drawings with digital signatures

The digital signature feature of GstarCAD 2023 not only attach signatures to drawing files and display information about the digital signature, but also help users determine whether a digital signature is valid and if the signed file has been changed since it was signed.


2. Lock your drawing with password

Users can password protect selected objects with LOCKUP command to prevent them from being modified or deleted.


*Debug lisp programs with Lisp Debugger

Executing VLISP command in GstarCAD 2023 will launch Visual Studio code from Microsoft TM as the Lisp Debugger and users can edit and find lisp programs easily and get work done in less time. 


Other New commands & functions you can't miss

VPSYNC command in GstarCAD 2023 helps users align the views in adjacent viewports(s) with a master layout viewport.


*With only one click, users can reset Settings to default in Windows Start menu.


*LAYOUTMERGE command helps merge specific layouts into single layout.


*CLOSELINE command marks up unclosed endpoints on selected lines, polylines or arcs and close them.



Download and try for free to explore more about GstarCAD 2023!

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